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Rick Labs, CPA, CFA
Registered Investment Adviser
CL&B Capital Management, LLC
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I run a research driven investment management operation. Every day I pour over corporate filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, annual and quarterly financial statements, price data, news feeds, conference calls, analytical databases, compiled research and numerous other sources of information to formulate investment opinions. I'm on a never ending quest for better information and better analysis techniques to discover even better ways to invest money.

Over the past five years there has been a virtual explosion in the amount of data available to thoughtful investors. The Internet has helped streamline the transmission of information from those who originate it to those of us who eventually make use of it. I have an almost insatiable appetite for good information. With the improved flow and sheer quantity of information I do my very best to sift through it and understand its implications.

Thankfully however, not all things have been "revolutionized" by the Internet. In-depth analysis of financial statements, sectors, industries and individual firms still remain largely unautomated. Regardless of the improvements in the information flow, the evaluation of the quality of the information and the skillful interpretation of what it all means for sound portfolio management is still a matter of experience and judgment. Hard work in investment analysis still pays off in terms of risk reduction and return enhancement. An appreciation of history still has value, especially when faced with extreme market volatility.